Strategic Value Media Advertising & International Festivals and Events Association Scam

Congratulations on doing your homework. Visiting this site will likely save you thousands of dollars in wasted advertising dollars. Companies like this exist preying on business owners using incredibly deceptive marketing tactics.

We have compiled a database of research on this company and some of the aliases they use. (IFEA, Strategic value Media, International Festivals and Events Association) If you have had a negative experience utilizing this firm and you believe they have misrepresented their services, we encourage you to contact the North Carolina attorney general Josh Stein Here

Fake, Scam, Fraud, Rip off stamps

A quick review of their company profile reveals an insiders perspective, including honest testimonies from former employees, and their current employees trying to justify their “services”. Check it out for yourself here.

It’s hard to imagine any telemarketer honestly describing their job with a review like this –

“Love this place!!”

Current Employee – Inside Sales Representative in Raleigh, NC
Positive Outlook

I have been working at Strategic Value Media full-time (More than 3 years)


Could not ask for better bosses. Management cares about you. They genuinely want to see you succeed and make money. I have received several raises already… and have won numerous contests that net me a really nice chunk of cash (above and beyond my salary and commission)! I have made many great friends at this job. The environment is exciting, fun, fast paced, yet relaxed. So thankful to be at SVM!


It’s not an easy job. You deal with a lot of rejection as is the case with any sales job. Success only comes from hard work here.

Advice to Management

I seriously would not change a thing. Do more of the same!

That looks suspiciously like the owner of this small company overcompensating for the honest former employee reviews such as this one-

“Without a doubt the worst Job I’ve ever had.”

Former Employee – Inside Sales Representative in Raleigh, NC
Doesn’t Recommend
Negative Outlook

I worked at Strategic Value Media full-time (Less than a year)


The people below management are the only positive.


Hands down the worst experience I’ve ever had. I don’t think I could’ve disliked working for this place more than I did. I actually think to myself at my current new job if I have a bad day, “Well at least I’m not working at that poor excuse for a company SVM.” I was also not the only person to think this. Actually everyone below management thinks this; however there is likely a gap in communication with the higher u… Show More

Advice to Management

I want you to know I left this job for a different position that paid me less money. I took less than the base salary just to leave because of how bad of a company, experience, and job this was. There is no real change I can offer other than stop lying to people when you’re hiring them about what the job entails and maybe stop telling them to lie straight up to the people you’re forcing them to call 10 times in a row. In truth, you made this job the worst professional experience of my life and I pity any person that follows.

This sounds a bit like an honest employee experience than the previous. Turns out, this is just the beginning!

Here is a great example of another-

“Sales rep”

Former Employee – Sales Representative in Raleigh, NC
Doesn’t Recommend
Negative Outlook

I worked at Strategic Value Media full-time


The only pros I can give for this job is the base pay is strong and the group of people you work with, it is a great group of people that gets you thru the day.


To begin the job itself is very repetitive and can the day can really drag on. Making 150-200 calls a day to the same people over and over gets old. The biggest cons though come from the company itself. They want you to con and lie to people to get information and they ask you to consistently be dishonest to get sales to the point I started using an alias full time because I felt so bad about it. The management will … Show More

Advice to Management

Complete overhaul, give way more reasonable and attainable commision structure, support your employees to succeed not play favoritism and have honesty with the sales process

It seems this company has a bit of cleaning up to do. Perhaps they need to drain the swamp at HQ in order to fall asleep with their conscience clean.

Another actual employee testimonial

“Inside Sales Representative”

Former Employee – Sales Representative in Raleigh, NC

I worked at Strategic Value Media (More than a year)


The pay and co- workers are what made me stay as long as I did.


Poor management.
Don’t treat their employees with respect.

Just take a look on July 29th, when 6 employees decided to post their excessively optimistic reviews all on the same day. coincidence?

Beware of company’s like Strategic Value media and the IFEA Membership Directory

Here’s a snapshot of this multi-million dollar IFEA association’s Twitter activity.

With 1765 SPAMMY posts  – there is absolutely ZERO informative/valuable content delivered. Nothing more than buy our crappy fake publication.

822 Fans on this account, with more than half of them fake spam accounts. You will not find a single “like” or “retweet”. That says quite a bit about how many people are actually seeing this account.

IFEA strategic value media

Another quick search of the international Festivals and Events Association and you can easily find their address of 2603 W. Eastover Terrace in Boise ID. It’s hard to imagine a company of their claimed size can fit inside Boise train museum.

strategic Value Media IFEA HQ

Another of their rented office spaces includes the address of 8700 Indian Creek Parkway, Suite 300  Overland Park, KS 66210

This is the address that leads you to their TRUTHFUL REVIEW from a trusted source – the BBB aka the Better Business Bureau. Read the truth for yourself on the BBB’s website Here


The one thing this company seems to be good at besides scamming is SEO. Getting site ranked for specific keywords has done well for this company, but not as good as their cold calling reps.  A few paid link spamming services can get this low competition niche website on the top in no time, using private blog networks. A deceptive tactic used to try and fool Google and gain a higher ranking.

svm seo ifea festivals

spammy paid links

Another address related to Strategic Value Media is:

5400 Glenwood Avenue Suite 320 Raleigh, NC 27612

Here’s a big surprise – another shared office space, conveniently located directly next to luxury apartments.

SVM IFEA Raleigh office

While their Facebook seems to have quite a bit more action than their twitter, SVMMedia needs a face to represent their scheme and recruit.  No doubt Jon Schwartzbard will have a fate similar to Dick Harper (fun with Dick and Jane). If he has any integrity and knowledge of the company he represents, he will join the other previous employees to save face around Raleigh, NC.

Jon Schwartzbard ifea svmmedia

If you have been contacted by the IFEA, or any of the overnight publications about sponsorship opportunities, I encourage you to HANG UP. They are very friendly sales reps, as they are most likely new (high turnover) and don’t fully understand how this con works. They will believe what their boss told them, as they most likely see upper management living a high end lifestyle. They will sincerely believe working hard for this company will afford them such lifestyle.  Unless business owners become aware of the true identity of Strategic Value Media.

In order to avoid being discovered, the owner was sure to use “Perfect Privacy LLC” to hide their identity. 

perfect privacy llc

Another identity they use to steal from hard working legit companies is University Sports Publications scam. Beware if University Sports Publications contacts you for an “advertising opportunity”. Do yourself and your wallet a favor – Hang up quickly, and block the number.  Read some reviews of what their employees have said. Ignore the owner/management comments as they are VERY easy to spot. In order to increase their average ranking, the management goes on to post some 5 star reviews to compensate all of the honest genuine negative reviews. A HUGE RED FLAG! University Sports Publications Scam The owner’s modus operandi is always the same – think of a creative name, build a cheap website, purchase illegitimate traffic to increase “pageviews”, which in turn, increases the advertisement price. A dirty scam for trusting business owners. Thank you so much to for not allowing disgusting companies to purchase and remove these shady companies from being exposed. These telemarketers need to find a legitimate occupation.

If you’ve made it this far, you’re invited to purchase this domain name for $30,000. The amount you scammed from me. If not, please know that I have pre-paid hosting and domain fees for 10 years in advance, and I will soon be working to protect other potential victims from your other publications as well.